Tasmania's the Right Track VET campaign

In November 2020, Skills Tasmania released the statewide campaign The Right Track. The campaign promotes the value of vocational education and training (VET) and what it can do for Tasmanian learners, businesses and industry.

The Right Track concept is married with a strong VET brandmark and the tagline “The skills to take your further”. It lays a bold foundation for the growth of the campaign and focuses on the role that skills play to build careers and businesses.

Critical to the campaign is a focus on the rich diversity of course and career options and the jobs and roles available when individuals and businesses use VET.

The campaign speaks to all Tasmanians. It encourages young learners to explore VET during and post-school, ask adults in various work stages and people affected by the impacts of COVID-19 to look at their options, employers and industry who are critical to the successful growth of our workforce and to parents and teachers who play an important role as influencers of young people.

The campaign launched on 26 November 2020 and will continue through June 2022. The campaign will grow and evolve over this time. The Right Track campaign will appear in various media spots including statewide newspapers, radio, online and social and select TV sponsorship spots.

Keep an eye out for it. VET – The skills to take you further.





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